Typically my Glowforge room hovers around 75ºF even when it’s 90ºF outside. I’ve found that my 'forge doesn’t argue much about that, but I bought a window A/C unit for that little room just in case. Last summer I ran into cooling issues a lot before they made a change to that system. So I’m familiar with the orange button and the heat warning preventing one from starting a job.

But this is the first time I’ve run a long (>1 hour) job this summer. My time was up and I could still hear the 'forge running in the other room. After a few minutes of still hearing it I decided to check on it. The light was on and white like it was doing something. The exhaust was on full blast as if it was doing something. Nothing was happening. I went to go look at the GFUI. Saw a message I’d never seen before… “Cooling. We’ll resume your job once the temp drops.” Neat! I’d never had a job stop in the middle like that and attempt to resume. So I switch on the window A/C unit and the job finished perfectly within seconds of that.

Anyway… This is a neat feature and I’m glad it exists. Beats overheating my unit!