Coping with crumbs with aluminum screen!

I have been cutting a lot of intricate stuff that leaves piles of crumbs (and somtimes part of the work) falling through the crumb tray, making a big mess to clean up. My solution was a 12" by 20" piece of aluminum screen, which catches everything and makes it easy to dump out or collect. After 10 cuts the only effect on the screen is I can see the lines of the cuts stained into the mesh. It also helps for situations where you have a lot of small parts that will need to be re attached in a similar configuration.


Nice idea!

Nice solution’s! I’ve pulled my hair out trying to save little itty-bitty parts before they fall through the screen.

You know that the crumb tray has a slot in the front so that you can empty it by just holding it over the trashcan, right? Or is it just mine?


For me it’s trying to fish out little pieces I need that fell into the tray along with all the garbage.


Somehow my wedge or long thin shaped crumbs seem to get stuck in both the crumb tray grid and in the slot. In any case the crumb tray is heavy and awkward and messy ( i never can get it all in the can) to empty, and the screen is nearly weightless, and I can even make multiple ones so a project and all its parts can stay on the screen until I need them.

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Do you adjust material height for the screen or not bother?

I add .1 just in case the screen isn’t perfectly flat.