Copper lasers

Glowforge 2.0: the microforge


Looking at the buildup of copper on the walls of our laser tubes, there must be some amount of copper vapor happening but I have no idea how or if it is relevant. I am still confused at what makes it work or if of what it would take to have something similar to a Glowforge able to cut ceramic or metals with an even thinner Kerf than we presently have and still do plastic and wood. or perhaps it would only work on things you would need a microscope to see what it did?

The much shorter wavelength allows for finer focusing and you can use typical optical lens elements rather than ZnSe.

And you can make one at home!
Copper Vapor Laser


That is why I bought a Glowforge so that I would not be so far out of my depth of understanding and skill set to operate it, But I do wonder at the buildup of copper on the laser walls and what is happening to get them to that place and if something like the copper laser was happening to them in the process, and also if that movement of copper ions was what limited the lifespan of the laser.

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