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I created a snowman to make ornaments. I traced it and have been engraving them. A problem I encountered is that it engraves the whole snowman then cuts. Does not hurt anything but increases the time. Also, I am making several of the same snowmen. Is there a way to cut and paste so I can do more than one at a time?

What is the problem? You do not want it to engrave?

You can do it either in the ui or in your design software(preferred)

Either way it’s control-c, control-v.

(Cmd c cmd v in Mac)

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I traced the image. Can I copy and paste from the machine screen. In glowforge program?

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I think we have to click on the tracing in the Glowforge program, then press CTRL+C (to copy it) followed by CTRL+V (to paste it).

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Yes, thank you that worked!

I want it to engrave the inside stuff and cut the outside. It engraves all of it including the outside and then cuts the outside. Which takes much more time.

So it is engraving a line around the perimeter and then a cut?

If you are using the Glowforge image trace feature, it can be a challenge to cut and engrave exactly what you need. There is a specific way of selecting the image and choosing which parts to cut and which parts to engrave. I have always found it a challenge to get perimeter cuts that don’t have engraves associated with it. Lots of clicking and best with a thin perimeter line in the original.

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Ok thanks

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