Copy and paste not working today?

Inside the app, the copy and paste feature has stopped working this morning.

It’s not recognizing the highlighted design and when I use the menu to paste, it pastes whatever I hav on the clipboard… of my computer…
MAC desktop

Mine is working okay…

Sorry. Mine is working. Can you do the command c command v rather than the new copy/paste?

Neither the Command C or the copy/paste from the browser menu is working correctly.

Working fine in Chrome and Safari on Mac here…

Whenever I have these issues a reboot of the browser and/or the computer seems to fix them.

Hey there @halgrenj, I apologize for the delay in getting back to you. We have not had any recent issues with the copy/paste function not working on the Glowforge app, and I can confirm it is working for me now.

This sounds like it may be a local issue with your browser or computer. Were you able to try a restart of both your browser and computer like @cynd11 mentioned? If so, did that resolve the issue for you?

I’m still dealing with a machine that won’t work with an orange button. It’s been Over 24 hours since I submitted a ticket.I ran through Jules’ online troubleshooting…It appears I have a bad cable, but i don’t know if it’s the white head cable or the lid cable.I sent a photo of the white cable plugged into board with my first ticket. Here it is again.As far as the copy paste, not sure if it’s working again.

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On Aug 24, 2021, at 11:03 AM, Glowforge <> wrote:

Hey there @halgrenj My apologies for the long delay in response. It looks like I am still waiting on a reply back in the email ticket that we have together. It’s important we sort out the orange light button first. Then once that is resolved we can look into the copy and paste trouble. I look forward to hearing back from you so we can get this resolved. I will go ahead and close this forum thread to mitigate any confusion and miscommunication.

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