Copy / Paste Again

Just FYI…Glowforge doesn’t ever censor anyone’s opinion on this forum. But if other customers see a problem with the content of a post, they can flag it. Glowforge will then decide whether to uphold the flag. The first comment was likely flagged for the implied insult of calling everyone here morons. (Even if you did include yourself in the category.)

Generally though, opinions are allowed, so the flags are likely to be overturned in review.

Regarding the problems you are having with your machine, I saw that @Vee, a staff member trying to help you, replied to your post here seven days ago asking for information from you in order to diagnose what the issue was with your machine, and you never responded with that information. So I’m sorry, but they are probably still waiting to hear back from you before they continue with the diagnosis.

The best thing for you to do at this point is go back to your original thread below and answer the questions so they can continue to diagnose the issues with your machine, and they will let you know what the next steps are going to be.

You want to respond on your own thread. It helps them to find it easily. :slightly_smiling_face: