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I copied an image, added a circle around it and added text. Now I would like to be able to make several (like 20) of them all at once, but it only lets me move each thing by itself. So if i click on the circle, it moves, then I have to move the image and then the text. I am brand new and just trying some things out. I copied the image and it then added it to my screen but still wont let me do several of them…Thanks

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Welcome to the forum. Using the arrow selection tool, drag a square around all of your artwork to select all. Then use the shortcut keys (Command C and Command V on a Mac) to copy then paste. You can do this as many times as you wish until you have all 20 on the bed. Use the arrow keys to move the combined artwork if it seems parts are not moving together when you drag them. Crtl A also selects all artwork quickly to then copy and paste.

Here are other shortcut keys you might find useful:

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Thanks, I did try that. Its only copying the circle. Then I would still have to copy the image and the text and then move them into each circle (which is what takes so long), trying to make sure the image and text are situated within the circle properly. Any other suggestions? I really appreciate your response.

That’s odd, the selection box should select any items it touches so you can copy them all at once…you can also hold down shift while you click on multiple items to select them all.

If those things aren’t working, try clearing your browser’s cache and restarting it. That usually works for me when the GF app starts acting wonky.


Try a different browser. Chrome is preferred.

Also, “Select-all” will, well, select everything. You can copy and paste from there.


if you have only selected the circle the that will be all that is copied. if you select beyond the piece and drag the rectangle across all the parts it will select those. There are places that picking or dragging that will select extra pieces as if you imagine a square around each part it may or may not select those if touched also, but if your rectangle goes across the visible parts it will definitely select those.

As noted above the best thing to do is to move the original off to the side and use the CTL+C to copy and then move it to the place it will end up. After that when you use CTL+V the copies will appear where the piece was and not where you moved it to so the new stuff will be out of the way and easy to grab with the rectangle if necessary to do so.

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100% agree. Glowforge doesn’t like IE or Safari that much. It will still work but it has its glitches.

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