Copyright reminder - if someone else made it - you shouldn't copy it

I really like your comment on this. This is so true of almost everything. It’s a derivative of something that someone else thought of at some point in time. I hate to say there are no new ideas, but for many things this may be the case.

I also understand the OP’s position, but I’ll say this: If I’m making something strictly for my own use, I’m not likely to worry about the morality of it. The reality is, I was not going to buy it from the creator because I have the talent and tools to make it for myself. So the creator did not just loose a sale, I was not a potential customer to begin with. I would not have bought it if they offered it for sale, I enjoy the process of making it and I can do so at my own pace and perhaps even apply my own enhancements.


I’m now having to get at least two more copies for family members.
They’re certainly not having mine.

I have to agree with you here - one of the best ways to learn how to do something is to copy it. It’s then one’s own responsibility to grow, change, and make something different from the original. I don’t see anything wrong with copying something for the sake of learning though.

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