Cord Cozy

Had an ugly power strip sitting in the corner. Glowforge to the rescue!

The color differential is due to some fruitwood wood stain. Everything is birch plywood.


Oh, great solution to unsightly cord clutter! :grinning:


I know when I’m being lied to.


Best game ever. And Jonathon Colton is a genius songwriter!


I like how you did that stain. I assume you masked it before scoring and then removed part of the mask and stained the open part. When I try that sometimes I get bleed under the mask, but yours came out perfectly!

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I love an aesthetically pleasing solution to a problem! Well done.

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Good cover up

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How Genius this is… well done!

the :cake: is a lie.


Great solution!

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A very nice solution but you might want to add some air holes as it likely generates a fair amount of heat needing to get out in lew of letting the smoke out instead.

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I’m also curious about the technique. I thought they were cut apart, stained, then re-joined.

To get the best fit, I actually cut each side Top and Bottom out independently, stained, then glued together before gluing into the final box.

The design process went sorta like this:

  1. Go to, make a basic box pattern with no lid
  2. Find some interesting pattern (the cake). Import, trace, and clean up.
  3. Copy the pattern multiple times with a little gap in-between
  4. Join the bottoms with the pen tool or line tool. Fully valid paths aren’t needed, since we just need it cut straight.
  5. Split into 2 duplicate layers (Top, Bottom).
  6. For top, remove all the engraving and just do a clean cut right under the cake outlines (to save material)
  7. For bottom, do the clean cut right above the patterns (to save material).
  8. On the bottom layer, select ONLY the cake patterns, make a temporary join on the bottom to make it a filled shape. Then use Offset Path to increase the size by 1.5x Kerf for your material (2x is too tight and no room for glue).
  9. Cut Top and Bottom. You’ll have the smaller waste bits that you’ll think really hard about saving, since they look cool, but ultimately get tossed.
  10. Stain/paint your two halves and glue together.

Well, that was way cooler than I realized. No wonder you didn’t get bleed! Thanks for expanding on your process.

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I just wanted to say that the Glados references are appreciated.