Cork a Few Ways - Cork, Cork Fabric, and Cork Paper -

The wallets and cases are very cool but, I must say, I LOVE the cork fabric you’ve selected. You seem to have found a perfect balance of design and materials.

I am quite fond of cork fabric too. About a year ago, I used the executive wallet design from the catalog on cork fabric. I’m still using the wallet today. Good stuff, cork fabric.

Thank you for sharing your work!


Those are fun and spectacular.

Do You use any product to protect the engraving on the cork? Like do you add any finition on the top of it to keep it over time?

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Welcome to the forum. I am sure the user that posted these projects will be along soon to answer your question. In the meantime, I have engraved many cork coasters, trivets and trays. I do not finish the cork in any way, just wash with soap and water.

Yes I tried, but it loses its color and punch and you can see through it in some places with little frictions. So I’m afraid of the result of wear and tear over time…

When you first take it out of the machine there is a layer of ash on top - wash that off and what remains will remain pretty much forever. I have cork coasters I’ve been using with cold drinks (so they get wet) every day for almost 2 years with no fading.

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thanks for the long term confirmation!

If you can see through it, you must be discussing cork fabric rather than cork. Maybe share a photo of what is causing you concern.

Welcome to the forum! Another cork lover I hope! No, I do not finish any of my cork products that are engraved with the GF. As @dklgood indicated, I, too, have not noticed any fading. If is fabric you are taking about, I have not noticed it here either, but I could see how it might. The cork layer on the fabric is thin fabric and the laser power is not that heavy. I have done some engraves where the engrave did leave a pin hole like effect. I think this is mostly because it was thin and reaching the fabric lining.