Cork coasters. 1st time playing with them

After reading some other posts and finding the cork and bamboo coasters at a local retailer for1.99 a set of 4 with holder I had to play. Coated with a rustoleum sealer to stop smearing.


Cool trick. Update us in a while if you remember, curious how this holds up.

Cork sure engraves nice and dark. Love it.


Those are really nice looking. Hope they wear well.


I will put some cold ones on them tonight and see how it works



I find that you can scrub the cork and remove that tiny top layer of char without noticeably lightening the engrave, so if the sealant doesn’t work give that a shot. The downside I’d see to sealant is the way cork works as a coaster is it allows the water to soak in and dissipate (unlike plastic/metal/whatever coasters where the water just beads on top and then spills when you move)


Nice set … Quite the find! The engraving looks perfect.

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Really nice! Nice find and great execution. Do you mind sharing where you found the coasters?

Nice engrave to make them so personal.

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A regional discount store FREDS. They are located in the southern part of the country. They have a selection of close out buys they get from other retailers. Originally the coasters were from Walmart

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Just a quick update. Made the coasters in April. Treated with Rust-oleum NeverWet purchased at Dollar General yesterday for $1. It is close out item so I purchase when I find it. Coasters have not smeared and hold up great.image