Cork Fabric, Laser Foil and Siser Easy Weed

Combining some materials today. The cork fabric is dark blue so the black Siser Easy Weed doesn’t show up very well but the foil really pops. I can see plenty of uses for embellished cork fabric since it is quite durable, can be stitched on a regular sewing machine and comes in tons of colors!



Love how that pops!

You’re gonna make me try cork fabric aren’t you? Sigh. OK! but you know I have a day job right? :stuck_out_tongue:


Oooh. Snazzy. Does the foil scratch off at all?


Did you get the laser foil from Siser, too? If not, can you give your source? Thanks much!

Look for Oracal 352. It’s a polyester based self adhesive film that works great in the laser and comes in several metallic finishes. It should be available from any vinyl or signmaking supplier.


Thanks @cynd11. I appreciate. Really want to try that. Looks great!

I’m sure with lots of effort I could get the laser foil off, but it is really stuck down and survives getting wet.


I got the laser foil from Johnson Plastics.


I’ve tried the foil a couple of times and messed it up every time…seems like it’s always something I add in to a time-limited project as an afterthought, and toss back out when I don’t get it right because there’s not enough time to get it right. One of these days I need to sit down and do a project that focuses on the foil, so I can figure out the right way to use it!

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Thanks! It looks really nice. I just ordered some cork fabric as I’ve been wanting to try it for bookbinding for awhile.

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