Cork flooring

I was in Home Depot today looking for something to laser and found some free cork flooring samples that looked interesting. First try at 1400/50/225 didn’t engrave deep enough. After a couple more tries I ended up at 1000 speed, full power, 225 LPI and got what I was looking for.
They look to be about an 1/8” of cork laminated onto about 3/8” MDF then another 1/16” or so of cork.

Headed back there tomorrow to by some of the flooring to cut up for more projects.


You’d probably be interested in the IKEA AVSKILD.

There are also cork “papers” and cork fabrics you can get if you wanted to fabricate more of this stuff for cheap.


It’s a great material having the finish, backing and beveled edges. It would be great if it was available in different shapes with those edges.

Way back I was collecting those samples, until once I did a second pass and the accumulated smoke residue lit up like napalm - so watch it closely.


Do you suppose it was the cork? The laminate? Or something else that caused the napalm? (Newbie here)

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Hmmm, the AVSKILD doesn’t seem to exist in my version of IKEA - is a flooring?
On the other hand, looking for cork things makes me realize the cost for the SUSIG mats gets you a lot of cork for not a lot of money :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh no they stopped selling cork placemats!? Those things were a steal.

Wait I found it?

Ok, that’s so frickin’ weird - your prior link just went to the front page, and searching for “avskild” brought up nothing. Your second link works, and when I search I find them - and now your top link works correctly too - I must have hit them while they were updating!

I already went back and corrected the top link. :slight_smile:

Apparently it moved on their site.

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Sorry I wasn’t clear, It wasn’t the cork, it was the base material. The engraving went a bit beneath the veneer. I think it was the Base because I saw the same reaction with other samples.

Even with materials that tend to flair, it’s not an issue if you are paying attention.

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Thanks so much!

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