Could Home page project images be darker?

I keep wishing the little project images on the Home page could be darker, have more contrast, were bolder, etc…

Most of my designs are just cut lines, therefore the little project images tend to look rather light and harder to see for me. I would love if the project images could stand out more.

Attached: Screen cap of a few project images. They look light to me when I compare them to some of the other stuff on the right side of the Home page (which looks fine to me, plenty visible with good darks and nicely contrasting).


I frequently fill designs I intend to cut only so they show up. If you have filled vectors they will be grouped by the color of the edge and can be engraved or cut depending on your choice. Many times I use the vectors to check the spacing by high speed low power score only to turn into an engrave when I go for the final cut.

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Since Glowforge does not use the line weight (stroke width), but uses color to separate operations instead (unlike other laser software you may have used), you can go ahead and make the stroke width thicker in your design software and the outcome will be the same.


Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll make sure the team gets them.