Couldn’t buy a card for Mother’s Day so I made one

First project I’ve finished on my glowforge. I think it turned out decent. :slight_smile:


Really nice! I’m sure she will love it!

What did you use to color the engraving?

Had these on hand already for painting minis. They worked pretty well for the engravings.


You’re off to a great start!

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Living hinge card fold very unique.

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Thanks. I hadn’t seen one yet I thought it was kind of clever. :slight_smile:
Plus it’ll stand well on its own.

I did have to heat it and tweak it a little, the hinge in acrylic is a bit too springy and it kept flinging itself flat and falling lol.

Nice card, and I’m drooling over those war paints.


Thanks :slight_smile:

They are pretty fantabulous lol. And worked remarkably well for the engravings.

Nice card!