Countdown/anticipation part I we wait for it to show up

I felt like Charlie bucket today when my golden ticket email arrived…now we wait for boxes to start showing up


It is worth the wait. You have fun, and stock up on materials.


Yeah, I am here today and I got my email yesterday, LOL! Just went and checked my UPS My Choice account to make sure I was setup to get email notifications, etc. My thought is to try and play with our recycling for a while before moving up to higher quality materials. Reusing Amazon corrugated, e.g. for mockups, proofs, and the like.

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Be careful with the cardboard, it’s the one thing that I’ve had catch on fire. In general, don’t let the laser do too much in one area too long… lots of tight corners and close cuts are more likely to flare than bigger primitive shapes.

That being said, I use it a lot, just carefully. Amazon cardboard cuts perfectly at 300/80 on my pro.


Thanks for the info! Creating fires in the basement is a sure ticket to getting kicked out of our house!