Countdown sign

Nothing fancy but it was inspired by a sign I saw on Pinterest. Much nicer than my DD continuing to use her whiteboard to countdown important events.


And if anyone has a link to the hooks that are short enough not to go through the back, I would be very appreciative.

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Why not cut some with tabs that can be glued into slots?

Something like this?


Or make a keyhole slot assembly that the hooks can screw into. That way you can have the same hooks and hang it on the wall nicely.

@tom_a just did that very thing here:

Granted his weren’t designed to be screwed into, but it would be pretty easy to make a rectangular piece with a keyhole in the middle that the hooks would use for support.


Oooo, very nice, and a great idea!

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Perfect idea!

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thank! that is a great idea.

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Not planning on hanging it but I did think about just placing extra wood in the back. Could definitely do that for a future project.

OK then you could make a surface pocket that the wooden tabs drop into, and a small box behind to stash the extras?

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