Counter balancing weight for glowforge pro

So I did’t realize with the pass through that you’d need to figure out a table or something to counterbalance the weight of the wood so that it doesn’t just tip over in the glowforge, does anyone have suggestions for builds for this? right now mine is several boxes stacked on top of each other, which is pretty sophisticated but not ideal lol.


Using an outfeed roller is pretty good.

Adjustable height, folds up for storage, etc. Seems to be the go-to solution.

Here’s one for 26 bucks:

Edit: or harbor freight as mentioned below, even less at $20:


You don’t want a counterweight, you need to support it on each side.

If you can’t come up with something yourself, look at “roller stands”.


Harbor Freight has cheap adjustable height roller stands that are perfect for support.


I have the Harbor Freight one, works great!

Roller stands for the win. And holy hell, how long is your piece? The GF is pretty heavy - you’d have to have a seriously long piece of material to get it to tip IMO.

I made one out of a cardboard box that was just the correct height but since every table is different that would not work for everyone. Also, the grill on the tray is lower than the metal in front or behind so I am using strong bed pins to pull it down as needed.

4 feet long lol

It is not the Glowforge that tips but the piece inside it that tips up.


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