Couple of coasters

Finally got these made. Didn’t cross the names out as you would find them anyways of you search by the descriptions.
Had planned to make them two sides, but any score dark enough for the lines keep burning pinholes all the way through. Hope there will ne a software fix for this soon (it does make for neat effects if you do laser beam scores on acrylic though…in acrylic you can really tell how much deeper the score end points go).
Love the :proofgrade: maple plywood

Phone camera makes the lines kinda ugly…really impressed by the clean lines and repeatability. Had to score a few 2x after cut dropped them and still got everything dead on. Even after removing one and then putting it back.


Are these cuts of gems?

Bling! :grinning:

Yep they are a gem cut designs. Had hoped to put the crown design on top and pavilion on bottom, but am getting too many pinholes burning through. These were designed by the folks on there and some I could easily grab of the web as it was a bit of a last minute idea.

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That’s awesome!

Thanks :slight_smile:
Two more that I ran initially to dial in the settings .
The original svg files score most lines 2 to 3 times and there seem to be few options to easily simplify this, but I might have found a way to import as a PDF into inkscape and then combine/reduce nodes. Can’t wait to have some time to play around with this more as it looks fantastic.