Couple quick questions

Just unboxed my Glowforge Plus and I’m hoping to get an idea if a couple of things are normal. First, the front right side of the lids touches the side when I open and close it. Maybe I’m just nit-picking, but the damage to the box is making me look over everything for damage. It closes and opens fine, it just bumps the side a little. Second, is the lid supposed to stiff when opening it? I was actually a little afraid to open it because it lifts harder than I expected it to. That’s it for now. The real test will be when I fire it up for the first time tomorrow. So, be prepared, I’m sure I’ll be back with more questions! Lol


I know exactly what you are talking about. I had the the same questions when I got mine. The lid is somewhat difficult to open at first but does get easier over time. Just make sure it’s level. If there was damage to the box you might want to talk to support before you set it up.


Bumping the side means the surface that the GF is on is not flat. I don’t mean level, which is good too, but I mean that the points the GF rests on have different heights. This causes the frame to flex and the door gets pushed out of alignment. You should be able to shim the corners to get it closer to flat and resolve that.

The lid hinges are supposed to be stiff; it is glass and heavy. The stiff hinges keep it from falling on your hands while you are working in the GF.


Thank you! I checked for level and it’s perfectly level. But, I didn’t think about the surface being perfectly flat. I’ll check that more closely tomorrow and see if that will help.


First of all, awesome! So great. :slight_smile:

Second, as with most things, you’re probably not the first:

You can always ask of course but chances are you’ll get an even faster answer via search. You’ve got so many fun firsts coming your way!


Leveling is actually important. If it is on an solid flat surface, then, unless there is something foreign under the machine, then it should be sitting flat. I had the same issue. I just leveled it and, voila!


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