Cover for the machine we all Love

I know the machine we all love is beautiful on it’s own but mine is in the garage and I wanted it covered when not in use. So…

Wife made a cover for my forge that came out great. Cut out for exhaust and power cord. Get a Glowforge cover that is classy enough for your awesome machine.

You can find the Cover if you want us to make it for you or if you sew we also have the pattern available.![image|666x500](upload://zhea473b7GxJcDAFDjnxRfx2WT6.jpeg)


Very nice but in my case at least there is something about seeing that glass top that tells me to be careful around it. I just know if I covered it up I would end up plunking something down on it and causing some damage.

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Could sew a see thru window. Problem solved!

Or sew a sign that says “Don’t put stuff on here silly!”

Haha, yes that would work I suppose.

Looks nice, but, I definitely like mine without a cover. Glad it works for you!


I love the look of mine too. But in a busy workshop with sawdust and other dust flying around since it is my garage it is nice to be able to cover it to save me from wiping it down.

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