Covid Key (Germ avoidance)

I put together a small version of the many Covid Key’s I see out there. A simple design to let you open doors or touch buttons without using your hands. Helps to avoid the spread of germs. Nothing fancy but hope it helps. I made samples out of 1/8" MDF, 1/4" MDF and then I made 1/8" Acrylic and bonded two of them together. I think the MDF works fine, but not sure about cleaning it. I supposed you could coat it with something waterproof. The Acrylic seems like something you could easily clean.


Tried to make it as small as I could but still useful.
Note the drawing is attached but supper small link near the bottom of the last picture for some reason.


Nice. Here’s another, just FYI…


Thanks for Sharing. I saw dozens of these on the internet and figured there had to be some designs that could be used on the Glowforge. Thank you for sharing yours. I will try it out.

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Discourse likes to make us hunt for the files. :wink: If you edit your post and add a zero or two after each of the dimensions in the image URL, it will make it big enough for people to find.


Thank you


what’s the serrated edge for?


it provides extra grip when holding it. it isn’t sharp, just not slick acrylic.

Thanks! I was just going to design one! Super time saver! Have you tried it? Didnt know what size acrylic to use because the pictures i saw were mostly metal. Dont want to open a door and it snaps

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I have been using 2 1/8” pieces welded together and it is really sturdy.

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Thank you.

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