Cracked Ribbon

My new head came and while attaching it I noticed the white ribbon is cracked… Please tell me this is something I can replace myself. I can not wait 2 more weeks

Ouch. Unfortunately it appears this is something that requires a return to repair. If you have contacted support they will want you to box it back up exactly the way you received it and ship it back. They will probably offer a refurbished unit to replace it. Wait until you hear back from them.

will they atleast issue a refurbished unit before recieving this one? This is a nightmare!

Yes from everything I’ve read on hear it sounds like they will ship you a replacement and then you will ship yours back.

How is the ribbon cracked? Are wires exposed? Is it the clip that’s cracked?

Yeah that’s not good. It’s been kinked. Have you already contacted support?

Yes, however their customer service is a joke so I’m sure i will not hear back for another week…

Sadly, yes, they have been really slow responding for some time now. Hopefully your experience will be a pleasant surprise.

Thanks so much for your help! Fingers crossed

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How old is your machine?

8 months

The part is able to be replaced by yourself. There is now a seller on Etsy who has replacement cables for $50.00, if I recall correctly, and there is a fairly comprehensive replacement tutorial hosted on the Kent Lasers website.

The repair is a more advanced procedure, definitely not for everyone, so I suggest finding the tutorial before ordering the part.


When you sent the request for help did you include that photo? If they have even sent you an automated reply and it has a service number that will identify that request, then make sure you reply to that email for all further communications and be sure to send them that photograph. It may still be slow but it will be faster than it would have been.

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[Edit if its still in warranty the repair is free]

Glowforge wants $1125 to replace the unit with a bad ribbon, self repair IS THE WAY TO GO
it’s about a 30 minute procedure, and fairly straightfoward.


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