Cracked wheel

Hi we have had the GF for about 5-6 months and we noticing slight crookedness of the horizontal cuts. Cleaned everything checked all that I could and finally cane across a cracked wheel. Not sure if it is the culprit but looking for help and a new wheel.

Yeah, they can get you set up with a replacement. Just wait till they see your post. (Then they will order one for you…can take a few days once they see your post so don’t fret if you don’t hear back immediately.)

Ok awesome thanks

I also have that problem but 2 of mine broke and cracked. I looked everywhere on site as to where to get replacements but couldn’t find any information.

Send then an email or start your own thread (not both)with photos and specifics and they will get you what your need.

Hi @adamkelley_rt - I’ve just come across your email ticket for this item and responded with some next steps so that we can get you all taken care of with a replacement. I’m going to go ahead and close this topic and we’ll get everything squared away via that email.