"Cracking" noise when printing then yellow button

Hi there

All of a sudden my glowforge basic started to make weird noise during printing and then stops turning the button to yellow.

I have no idea what’s happening there. Also, there’s a light that remains switched on and the red dot from the laser seems to remain active too (maybe a focus issue?). I’ve contacted the support but maybe someone from the community already experienced this issue and might be able to help.

I’ve posted a video here: https://youtu.be/Lxns4LbsKpY?si=sVSUKiUHsb7iwt-Y


ps: I’v e also checked that the cable connecting the head is securely setup and that’s the case

The cracking sound may have been electrical arcing. I would look very closely at every wire and cable inside. I bet you have a burn mark on one of them somewhere.


Oh wow! Ok, i’m going to check the wires and see I see burn marks.

I’ve checked cables and they all look fine. After checking the logs, the support said that the machine is struggling to communicate with the head, however the cable is securely attached, the cable looks ok, and the head connectors too.

If you haven’t already, check along the length of the head cable - a few times people found worn down spots where the metal was exposed through the plastic coating, specifically at the bend where it rubs against the metal roof. A piece of tape over that generally worked as a stop gap.


Thanks deirdrebeth, I’ll check that too :wink:

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