Craft Foam Sheets Safety and Settings

I bought some craft foam sheets on Amazon and I was wondering if anybody has some settings that worked well.

One type is 5mm: Extra Thick Craft Foam Sheets - EVA Material

The other foam type is: Darice Foamies Adhesive Back Foam Sheets

Also, do I have to apply paper backing to avoid burn marks?

Thanks much!


There’s been some threads on this, if you search for “craft foam” or “Eva foam” settings you should find discussions about it.


Like this one

as for paper, my foam was black to begin with so kinda hard to tell if I got black burns :laughing:

btw thank you for the amazon link


Foam cuts very well, and generally at a high speed/low power so I’ve never needed to put masking on it. The slower/hotter you go the more the foam will curl away from the cut - so a 2nd high speed cut is better than a slower single cut
If you’re doing something with a lot of intricate shapes close together you might need some, but that would definitely be an edge case!


Thank you! This makes sense.

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