Crafty Cretin - Things I made

Greetings all! Been a bit of a lurker, but have tried to contribute a bit.

Figured it’s about time to create a thread with my creations. (One place to post is easier to keep up with, rather than all the different categories.) I’ll try to post settings and materials used, and of course, if ever appropriate, I’ll post up in another catergory.

My first GF was not really “mine.” It was on loan from my day job. (University print shop.) But that’s all over now. My GF is MINE. It’s named… Jarvis. (Mk_IV)

And so it begins… The Obligatory Escutcheon…
Full speed/Full power (SD Graphic engrave) on PG MedDraftboard
Image is from theGoogle (so no sales or sharing of the file, sorry) Some of you may have already seen this on the FB group.

(not my first make - just my first post of a make)

More to come! THANK YOU to everyone in this community! The inspiration and creativity here is absolutely amazing. I am astounded with every visit. Hope I can contribute a few things to make others smile too.


What are you doing with all the pencils inside the GF in the background of your photo?


Engraved names on them for my son’s classmates (for Valentine’s Day). Hold cardboard in place with magnets, cut cardboard first, add pencils, etch. Easy peasy.

I haven’t tried reusing a jig yet, because of the alignment issues… It’s just cardboard, so I’ve just cut a new jig with each run of pencils. Now, I did run 3 files using this jig… consecutively, using the previous file to line up each new file. (Add Artwork within a set-up, instead of going out and uploading new on the main upload page.)


Cool!!! Simple, effective and accurate!!! Thanks!!!


If you add the rulers in the free design section and don’t mind wasting an inch of cardboard jig material, just put the jig against the left (or right) rail aligned with a measurement mark and it’s no problem to take the jig in and out. Note that it could shift slightly if you take the tray in and out.


That’s a great looking escutcheon! Welcome to the fold! :grinning:

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Ok, so I had the dreaded front right corner collision disease infect Jarvis. Time from report to service to setting up Jarvis Mark II, one week! So stoked with all of Glowforge, the machine, the team, the possibilities! And the continued inspiration from this community!

Time to catch up and post a bunch of photos of various burns.

Gift card holder/ornaments: Draftboard, and a bit o’ spray paint on a couple.

Keytag samples for the day job lot. (It IS their machine after all.)

Dice tower and some tags for a friend for a last minute gift. (File from Thingiverse I do believe.)


Louie Award. Just an interoffice award for a department at the university. Trying to show 'em what can be done. Etched maple ply and cut walnut. Used the off cuts from the font to elevate the fleur de lis.

Obligatory StarWars ornaments (from Thingiverse as well).

Days of the week for a teacher friend. For her classroom whiteboard. Made with two layers of matboard with magnets on the back.

Custom finger loop for a “levi-wand.” (It’s a flow arts thing.) Just showing this photo to someone who makes levi-wands got an immediate order for 40 with her company name! Love it when that happens! Made from leather upholstery samples, called “Elmosoft.” No lie.


Couple more then I’ll start lurkin’ and burnin’ again for awhile. LOL

Bit of downer here. Co-worker’s dad died. Boss wanted to know if I could do something with the Glowforge. It was a little weird being stoked to create something, for such a sad event. I do think it came out great. Walnut ply and a dollar store candle. So simple. So much more could be done for things like this.

And finally (for now), something just for ME! A not at all practical dust collector, that is kick ass. (Original file is from Thingiverse. Serenity Suncatcher by Kiteman - Thingiverse I’ve tweaked it a bit, and will eventually upload my new file there.)

You can’t take the sky from me.

That’s all for now. Burn on! Zoom! Pew!


Holy cow! You’ve made up for lost time! Projects all look great, and that’s a very adorable little model in your first batch of pics! :grinning:

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Thank you. My great nephew. (Niece’s kid.)

These were all done from November to now. Serenity and the candle are the most recent (today).


I NEED that Serenity so much I can taste it! So shiny!

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Ask and you shall receive @Rovylern!
{EDIT} New file loaded in later comment below.

(I’ve also added it to my make at Thingiverse.) Please post up if you make one!
Mine is Proofgrade Medium Ply (file set is for .125" material). Used default settings for score and cut.


A leather “patch” for my flow toy quiver bag. (Flower sticks and Levi-wands.) This is another of the “Elmosoft” leather upholstery samples. Default settings for proofgrade leather.


You are gorram awesome, @n_dawson!


It looks like the color information got lost along the way @n_dawson. I’m correcting it in Inkscape and will repost my changes if that’s cool with you. I’d love your input on my modifications.

Here is my attempt at cleanup. Inkscape glitched and the opening for the wings shifted down to 0.214". Should it be 0.25", or is that to adjust for the kerf? Also, I think the holes on the thrusters got lost… I’ll play and see what I can do.

Edit: I don’t know why the image isn’t showing up full size… It’s my first post with an image.

Edit 2: Thank you @jamesdhatch. That was the trick.


You’ll see a set of image size attributes in the img tag that shows up once you upload. Something like 50, 75 … Change them by a factor of 10 ( like 500, 750) and it will show bigger.

Ok, that SVG did some funky things for sure. The thruster holes did go away and some lines went wonky. That was a “save as” svg from AI. This new file SEEMS to be correct now. It is a “export as” svg from AI. SerenityMk1-2
Check this one and see if it does anything weird. Again, this image is crazy looking.


Discourse sometimes does wonky things tonsvg uploads. If you zip it before uploading it’ll come through fine.