Create file from Picture

A friend of mine wants me to engrave the attached picture onto a plaque, unfortunately its just a snapshot and im not sure how to go about taking this and creating an engravable file. Any assistance would be appreciated or is there someone who specializes in this?

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I’m afraid you will get a terrible result attempting to engrave that photo. The contrast is too low and it’s not sharp enough.

On the other hand, it’s a very simple logo and could be easily reproduced in a vector drawing program like Inkscape, Illustrator or Affinity Designer (as long as you have the consent of the original source of the logo).


I would inquire of their “head office” as you might get more than permission, but perhaps a clean Svg and even more orders :grin:


Sorry I screwed up the first attempt at responding. LOL
As both Cynd11 and rbtdanforth said it is easy to recreate and/or you could get the logo from the source. remember if you are going to recreate it…anything that is dark will be sunken so you are going to have to change all the text that wraps around the bottom to black in order for it to show up. and the top square of the shield will be sunken with raised text. I would like to see the outcome if you are able to run it.


badges like this are a great way to start learning a vector design program. I would always ask if there is an official version first, but if not, this is not to hard to replicate. There are a ton of inkscape badge tutorials on youtube that will get you going, like this one: