Creating a 30 inch sign on a basic

I’ve been googling and whatnot but how do I create a 30 inch sign without the pass through slot. I have the basic. I know you can split the words but I have no clue how to achieve that on illustrator.

“Made on a Glowforge” is for showcasing your work. I’ve moved this to an appropriate forum.

Oops! Sorry!

Just use different colors for the words and choose ignore the processes that you don’t want to cut at the moment. Or just drag the words you don’t currently want to cut off of the work area and they will be ignored.

Do you mean you need to split a single word, or just divvy the words up?

The name is all connected. So to split it up so I can attach it later to make it 30 inches

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There are several tutorials on doing this in the Tips and Tricks forum.

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