Creating a coin display stand

This may be an issue of we don’t keep the discussion to the display but I recently backed this on Indiegogo. So I’ve just got my first custom project. I’m envisioning a combination of either Birdseye maple or walnut with clear acrylic that would allow the coin to spin. Maybe even spin automatically.


Heh, I went back to find a random post I hadn’t read since I have time to burn. Stumbled on this.

Amusing that the location of the guy doing this is “Moscow, United States” Makes me wonder if he is local to me (There are about 20 cities named Moscow, but the one in Idaho is the largest of them).

Cute coin. If you do mount it then either a spinning mechanism (slow or manual spin), or clear acrylic on both sides, and perpendicular to the wall instead of flush against it.

Well, I guess you could also opt for mounting it with a mirror backing, and sufficient angle to make out both sides.

Either way, it presents an interesting design challenge to mount a coin with both sides visible.


I like the spinning idea, or better yet: “flipping”. I guess the best axis of rotation will be based on whether the two sides are upsidedown to each other (like most US coins) or if the two faces can both be rightside-up at the same time.

A mirror would be a lot simpler (plus no noise) and with the right curve (or arrangement of flat mirrors) you can even make it so the reflection isn’t reversed.

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I like the mirror idea.

Just started thinking about what I’d use for a motor if I go with the rotating idea. This Motor seems to fit the bill quite nicely.
Low voltage and 5-12 rpms…


Should work. Won’t need much torque for just a coin and pillow block mount (or whatever you go for).

A manual turn by knob or handle may be just as good. People can then also show their preference for which side is facing (or abstain by putting it edge out)

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Kind of bummed the campaign didn’t fund. Great idea. I think it would have funded if a less expensive metal was used and the cost for a coin was lower.

They’ve relaunched. Must have realize they couldn’t profit when the metal was costing 3/4ths the asking price.
They’re now offering it at $8 and making it in nickel. Nowhere near as attractive as the silver edition but I’ve backed it anyway. Mostly because I’m excited to male the display.

Here’s a link
They’ve got a long way to go before backed

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What?! Fantastic! Thanks!!


I have found these coins on amazon already for about 8$. So having a crowdsource dor a pre existing product seems redundant


I was curious how blatant of a rip-off the design was, so searched Amazon. I could find some “indecision 2016” coins with both candidates, but nothing with the “You Lose” approach. I think that specifically is the draw to the coin presented here.