Creating a Tessellating Pattern in Illustrator and Photoshop

I’ve thought for a while that there could be a lot of use for some basic tessellating geometric patterns, especially in regards to 3D engrave (create a neat textured background to an image, etc.). Found this little tutorial using Illustrator and Photoshop CC to create a tessellating geometric pattern. If you finished it out grayscale, this approach could provide some interesting designs.


Thanks! PLUS… It’s always fun to say “tessellating.”


Here is the video on the actual Channel of Spoon Graphics

Thanks for sharing. Didn’t know about this guy. Now I have a ton more vids to watch.


I needed a good design exercise to get my day started today so I followed through this tutorial doing my best to translate the Illustrator/Photoshop instructions to CorelDRAW/PhotoPaint.

The best part was that, while looking for a texture to use, I found the texture I have been using in a lot of the branding for my business for the last few years. I had forgotten where I had saved the original and have been reworking a copy of a copy.