Creating a wedge: Newbie needs help

Newbie here!

Just got my GF on Friday, and have played around with some Free Designs (THANK YOU to all you people who posted those - super helpful in learning how the device works). I’m now starting to think up designs of stuff I want to make, and I’m curious if anyone has created a wedge and would be able to help me out.

I’d like to make it out of Acrylic - and it would be a right angle triangle wedge. I’ve done the math on the dimensions of what it would look like in 2D, but realized the assembly is where I’m clueless.
Can anyone help or point me to other projects that might be helpful?

The wedge is for stretching calves and I’m happy to share the design on the Free Design section once I have it printed and functioning.

Would include:
(2) Right angle triangles for the slant
(1) Square for the back
(2) Rectangles for the bottom and top

Initial thoughts: Scoring the inside of the triangles at the bottom and on the angled slant to slide in the rectangles and having some type of drop in slant for the square. But my design skills are super new (just learning how to use illustrator). Help!

You might be able to do that using the Uneven Height box designer from the site:

Just play around with all the options and check the output.

I’ve not done much with boxes or anything yet, but maybe try making it a box with one side taller than the other–there are lots of apps for doing boxes with interlocks for lasering & for different design programs.

Though a box may not be good if you plan to put any body weight onto it.

Another idea, make loads of triangles (your 2D wedge) out of board of your choice and then glue them against each other–as long as you use good glue, this will be strong enough to support a lot of weight! (or include a couple holes in each that you can thread bolts & ensure all stay tight together w/ nuts & bolts).

To add to @bansai8creations suggestion: lots of folks will drill holes in all the layers except the
“end caps” for dowels to hold the layers together. That would add to the stability and still look good.

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Heheh, was just typing an idea to include cutting out holes in each layer when you laser as you did your comment–why drill after the fact if the holes are all aligned with the laser cutting? (OK, at times it may be better to do so…). And glued in dowel can be a lot nicer looking than nuts & bolt head showing–though all depends on preference & tools available, too!

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As I remember learning in geometry class, or maybe it was shop class, IDK - it’s been a long time, a right triangle is half of a rectangle. So design a box and cut it in half.

An online box generator will make you all the pieces you need for a nice rectangular box. Import them into Inkscape, or whatever you use, and slice the side walls in half. Assuming you’re trying to stretch your calves, as in the part opposite your shins, and this isn’t some weird cow thing, you’ll have to place the hypotenuse (red line) on the floor. You could make some manual finger joints and a top piece, but that’s up to you.

As regards acrylic, while that would look cool, if it fails it will fail with sharp edges. If plywood fails, it’ll probably just deform/be crushed.

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Here is a situation where even a very crude pencil sketch would be a big help. People are thinking of two very different things above and I’m not sure which one is what you are looking for?

Anyway, this is where a 3d modeling program is golden.

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… or a quick google search:


Based on eflyguy’s search results I think you’re going to need acrylic thicker than the glowforge can really cut (it can do it, but I think it took TomA 9 passes on 3/4") to support weight over that span. Same with plywood. You may be good with one narrow wedge per foot. For thickness you can always always laminate thin plywood to make thick plywood, but we’re getting into semi-complex design.

I think with internal structure it would work fine with standard materials. Something like this - with tabs/notches to lock everything together. Made from acrylic, it could be quite attractive…



Thanks all! This is all super helpful. I’ll post back on once I attempt it (might not be for a while as I’m still learning how to do basic functions).

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