Creating Maps Impromptu Q&A

I’ve gotten a few questions about my process for making maps from @amandalobato10. I offered to answer her questions, but thought others may benefit as well. This will be informal, and I’ll do my best to show how I created my different maps.

I’ll be hosting a session tonight for anyone who has questions, or has tips they want to share regarding maps. This will be on GoToMeeting starting at 7pm Central time.

***Meeting has ended.


Sorry I missed this. Haven’t been on the forum as regularly. I learned so much from your last session!

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Read the invitation after the fact. Sorry I missed it @pubultrastar . Did you record it by any chance?

I´m always eager to learn from the more experienced GF´ers here.

Relief maps are one of the reasons I got my GF, I´m currently working on a bathymetric map project I look forward to showcase here.


Would have liked to see this.

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Sorry, didn’t record it. Turned into answering questions and giving tips to a new forum and Glowforge user. I’d be happy to schedule another session in the future that isn’t so last minute.


Love me some Bathymetric maps. Can’t wait to see it.

I would like to join that when it happens too.

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As I said earlier, your session I joined before (making the interior supports) was really informative. I would very much like to attend more in the future if you have the time and energy.


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