Creating own multi-part design groupings?

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Great to see the recent update include the ability to finally create folders for uploads, as well as the inclusion of multi-part files.

Does anyone know if there is any way currently to create our own multi-part design groupings, or is this something we are likely to have to wait for in a future update?

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Given the glacial pace of these sorts of upgrades, I’d say don’t wait. I’d try to come up with a file naming convention or something that will make your process run smoothly. That being said, I don’t work for Glowforge, so who knows?


A naming convention that all but the last few letters are the same will keep them together, and they can have their own “layer” and be a part of another also. So I could have a layer called boxes the had all the boxes I did, and another called great big box that would have the many different parts.

Or what I do generally is to have each Sheet outlined in the same file say 12" above the previous sheet. Then when I go to cut the design I cut the first sheet, and then CTL-A selects everything and I move it all down 12" and the next sheet is ready to go, and so forth :thinking: :slightly_smiling_face:

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