Creating wooden earrings in Inkscape with engraved designs

I’m trying to learn how to make the designs that can be engraved on wooden earrings in inkscape. I can not figure out how to cut off the part of the design that exceeds the shape of the earring that will be cut. I have try to use the combine, difference and union commands but nothing works. Can anyone help with this? thanks

I think you are running into the clip path problem, but I am not sure from your description. If so, have a look at this: Adobe Illustrator to Inkscape: clipping paths and masks

You can also search the forum for “clipping path errors”.


If you upload your design (or at least a screenshot if it’s not your design) and describe what you’re trying to do we can probably help.

My suspicion is that you’re dealing with broken paths or groups, which can make the boolean commands fail.


This post might give you some ideas, even if you don’t use AD:

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