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Hi! My Glowforge is on it’s way! Would anyone be willing to share a photo of their space set up? I’m going to be looking for an island/cabinet/table, etc to put it on this week. If there’s already a thread for something like this and I’ve missed it, please link it below.

Here is one thread Glowforge in a drawer
There are actually quite a few posts about work surfaces here in the forum as people here have had their machines for over two years. The important thing to know is that the machine must be level and it weighs about 70 pounds so you are going to want something sturdy. If you might be moving the Glowforge regularly, consider sturdy casters. Work benches from Home Dept. through Ikea tables have all been found to be acceptable.

Search “workbench” and you will be rewarded.

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This exact topic is in another thread somewhere too.

Which in turn points to an even earlier copy of exactly the same thing…

Sorry I don’t have a picture to share–my “temporary” system is now 2 years old, but keep meaning to change it.

There are some great ones out there using Ikea capita legs and boards to create storage area/shelves and GF on the top. IKEA also has a couple nice industrial type units (Bror is one, the other I forget the name, but it’s newer & pale brown powder coat).

Whatever you choose, keep in mind the power button is back right corner, air intake on the right side & bottom has to be kept clear, exhaust is the rear left. And you will need to be able to access it occasionally to check on/clean the fan.

Be sure the surface is rigid and does not “rack”.

And the height–I am 5’4", and at standard counter height, I couldn’t reach over the unit to get to the window I vent out of. So I have a stand that is a few inches shorter, and it’s really nice to be able to comfortably look into the unit bed… (and I still use a step stool to reach the sash when I need to open or close it).

Have you purchased a Basic or Pro? You will want something that can give you access to the back for the pass through if it is a Pro. The table needs to be sturdy in that it shouldn’t wobble at all. Needs to be flat and have some mass to it.

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^^^This is pretty important and I think it’s overlooked a bit. There can be quite a bit of movement created by the head moving back and forth and you want a table that won’t sway.

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