Credit card not charged

I received a confirmation email for my Glowforge pre-order on Thursday but just noticed that my card was never charged. Turns out that my bank flagged the purchase as suspicious and declined it without bothering to contact me about it.

Will you attempt to resubmit the charge? Did I lose my place in line? (By the way, I tried to email customer service first, but my messages kept getting returned as spam.)

I’m copying @bailey on this so she can check in to it for you!

After reading this thread last night, I logged into my bank and saw that I had not been charged yet either. But this morning it went through.

Thanks so much for the update! cc @bailey

I just remembered that I used PayPal (for some reason) and the transaction doesn’t show up in my account history on their site. So I’m pretty confident that this payment won’t ever go through. I definitely don’t remember seeing an error page from PayPal, just the confirmation page from Glowforge. What’s the next step to fix this?

Send as much information as you can to Support@ and Bailey will get to work on it.

Done – sent email to support from an alternative email address. Message made it around your spam filter this time.

My card was immediately declined and I had to call the card company to verify that it wasn’t fraudulent charge (I assume because it’s such a large amount.) After they cleared the fraud hold I went online again and successfully (I hope) placed my order.