Credits for damaged proof grade and purchasing issue

First of let me say thank you to @Rita for replying to my first email and offering the $27 in credits to replace the damaged proof grade. However, like the email you sent me said that the credits were added to my account they unfortunately have not been add. The only reason I am posting here is because I have yet to receive an email that I sent back to the support email stating this info. I tried to or $27 in new material and didn’t see the credits on there so I though it would just be like the first order I did where the credits don’t show as taken off till after I ordered. So now my credit card got charged again for the $27 of proof grade and the credits have not shown up still but the $20 credit for the survey I filled out has. The question here is was the credits added to someone else’s account on accident or they just didn’t go through to my account? If I could get the $27 in credits on my account still that will work with my and i can order more in the future or if you can just refund the credit card purchase that would be great. Linking the email showing that said the credits where added to the account if that helps.

I am sure it was all just a mistake and got lost in translation. I know you have a lot going on and a lot of stress having to sort through all issues. Any help provided would be great.

Pic of verification below:

Oh no - I’m so sorry. I’ve confirmed the credits have now been added to your account. If you have any other questions, please open a new topic or reach out to