Creepy victorian light fixture mount


I’ve been lurking for a while, I’ll take my turn for a show and tell.

The wife and I are remodeling the bathroom and finally decided on a light fixture. After ordering it and waiting 3 weeks for it to go through customs from China (we didn’t realize) it finally arrived.

…and fixture didn’t cover the hole in the drywall. I forgot to take pictures out of frustration. Lesson learned, but I’m not dealing with the return process. I have a Glowforge to help me fix my mistakes!

With a little measuring and design time we now have a custom mount to cover the hole. A Victorian style design complete with creepy portrait relief now makes it one of a kind. I think it looks like evil Michael Cera making sure proper hand washing is taking place.



:joy: This is brilliant! First I’m like, it’s not creepy what are they talking abou…

Okay you totally nailed the description!

Can you fit out your whole house with creepy celebrities and post the results? It’s kind of so subtle I think you could get away with it.


Problem solving at its best. No one will ever have quite the same light fixture. One of a kind.


That’s a frickin’ cool (and creepy) solution. :sunglasses::+1:


Great job!


Took me a moment to see the “creepy”, but it’s totally awesome. Plus, your guests will have clean hands!


This inspires me to put something creepy like that in our bathrooms. Maybe then the kids wouldn’t stay in there for hours at a time.


I love it!