Cricut Air2

I case anyone is interested, I just bought a Cricut Air2 at Walmart for $169, which is $30 cheaper than on Amazon! I needed it only to do a special order decal in vinyl that isn’t iron-on, otherwise I would’ve used my Glowforge. So in case you’re interested in one, check out Walmart now - I don’t think you’ll find it cheaper anywhere else. Even the 3yr warranty on it is cheaper at Walmart.


Nice find. If I didn’t have the M1 I might think about getting another one.


Had my friend not wanted a decal to put on his boat, I would’ve used the iron-on. But I was afraid the heat from the iron would damage the paint on the boat (especially since he just painted it). Plus all the hassle of dealing with an extension cord, cold weather (although it’s supposed to be back in the 60s later this week, right now we’re only in the 40s), etc. I have an old Cricut Expressions that will only use the cartridges. So now I have a new toy for my craftroom, and at this price I just couldn’t pass it up.


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