Cricut Wood Veneer

Has anyone used this?

Does anyone know if it is safe?

It looks nice enough and the price is not bad. Michaels has good bargains, especially on their web pages. Much they never carry in store. I use Ocooch as a price reference though 1/16 thick may be thicker than the Cricut stuff.

Price isn’t bad at all, especially when you factor in a Michael’s coupon. As long as there isn’t any artificial gack in there (plastic liner, weird adhesive, etc) it should be fine though you’d want to get an MSDS to be absolutely sure.

I usually get my ultrathin wood sheets from
They have a few varieties of woods and many sheet sizes and thicknesses, tho you do have to order a min of 10 sheets per type. Some of the sheets are pretreated for inkjet printing.

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I haven’t shopped there in a while, but I seem to recall the coupons preclude silhouette and cricut products.

Depends on the coupon, they’ve been getting really granular lately. (ie, machines no, certain accessories yes)

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