Crowdfunding order | Tax / Vat

UPS just came to my door with my Glowforge Pro together with an invoice of €1000 (Netherlands) for VAT and TAX, but wasn’t this included in the Kickstarter price?

The VAT/TAX was as the responsibility of the purchaser. the final question and answer on the page is I think what you are looking for. sorry it’s not good news.

Isn’t that for the new purchases? I was specifically wondering for the Kickstarter campaigns

There was never a Kickstarter campaign. You ordered directly from Glowforge.

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Sadly somewhere several years ago when we all pre-purchased I believe there was language stating the same about VAT and Tax being the responsibility of the purchaser. I’m sure we’ll get an official helpful Glowforge employee along eventually who can pull the original words for you.

I believe it was also in the many pages that you can’t go back to when you told them to go ahead and ship to you.

Again really sorry it isn’t better news.

Crowdfunding / Kickstarter / Pre-order

I believe…
Crowdfunding can equal Kickstarter, but never equals pre-order.
Kickstarter always equals crowdfunding, but never equals pre-order.
Pre-order never equals crowdfunding.

We’ll go for crowdfunding order then :wink:

Thanks for asking @Wim. @ihermit2 is correct, the payment made during our pre-order campaign was for the Glowforge and associated shipping. Unfortunately, all taxes, fees, tariffs, and customs duties are the responsibility of the recipient.