Crumb Tray

Is it even possible to get the crumb tray clean like new?
I soaked the tray then power washed it and it still stinks!!
What do others do??

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have you tried oven cleaner? search the forum for that.

I seem to recall that was a method used by somebody.


Have you tried leaving it outside in the fresh air for a few days?

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Have you tried just ignoring it? No matter how impossibly clean you get the crumb tray, you’re still going to be putting it inside a machine that you cannot possibly clean as well. Does it really matter if the crumb tray does or doesn’t smell? The dirty machine it’s inside of will mask the difference…


Lasers are dirty by nature. Keeping the whole machine clean is a pipe dream. Concentrate your efforts on the essentials - the optics. The whole machine is going to stink, not just the crumb tray.


I have ben setting it in the laundry tub filled with hot water and simple green and let it soak, then use a straw brush to go into the honeycomb holes to try to clean out the gunk. It works ok, but was just wondering if it was possible to make it look new.
I have a pressure washer as well and just tried that yesterday. Takes much less time than the straw brush.


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