Crumbtray Handle Getting Cut

For some reason, lately when I align to the bottom of the print zone, my laser is running too far down and actually cutting into the crumb tray handle. It is leaving black ash all over so I really don’t think its a good thing. Has anyone had this problem before?

When I first got my first machine I placed the crumb tray without properly reading how it should go. I cut up the crumb tray pretty badly. Three machines later I still have the same crumb tray telling me to pay attention so it does not happen again.

If the crumb tray is properly placed the laser cannot get to the handle.



The machine is physically incapable of getting anywhere close to the end of crumb tray when it’s properly seated. It will impact the lid when the beam is over 1/2 away from the front panel/door/lid, which is over 1/4" back from the edge of the tray…


I just double checked and you are correct. I had some debris under the tray that was preventing it from sliding all the way forward! Thanks!


I’m glad it was an easy fix, and FWIW, I’ve done the exact same thing. :blush:


I had thought the handle was metal, not plastic! I am just really glad it was not PVC.


Yeah, me too! And I look at that damn gouge every day to keep me humble and remind me to check to make sure the tray is sitting in the dimples. :laughing:


Yup-me too!

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