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I’ve got a fairly good amount of crypto. The last week has been a lot of fun.

I’m more of a long term investor and try to stay away from the ICO madness. I’m more interested in the coins with wide usability, so bitcoin, Litecoin, ethereum, monero etc

I am pretty interested in Hashgraph. It looks like it could fix a lot of the transaction bandwidth issues that most cryptos have right now.


We’re trying to play the long game too, but it’s so challenging right now. It certainly is an exciting time. We’re trying to decide what’s going to happen in November with bitcoin’s hard fork and what impact that will have on everything else. Our philosophy here is don’t invest anything you can’t afford to lose because it is still so volatile. But the gains are just phenomenal.

I’m currently mining Monero…it’s a slow process but I’m making a little bit after power costs.

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I have a friend who mined Bitcoin for ages and then sold out before it was worth much. He was super disappointed. At the same time he literally retired this week on Stellar so, it worked out in the end.

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Everyone is getting in on bitcoin because of the fork, CME, and chinese reopening of bitcoin acceptance. As soon as the fork happens I think youll see a big sell and buyin to ether and litecoin. Thats why up until this weekend theres been an inverse trend between bitcoin and the rest of the market. Its been a great week for selling high and buying low as the waves keep coming. That seems to have ended as of this morning as now the eth/ltc trends seem to be mirroring btc now. I definitely stocked up for the incoming fork. Its pretty much free money up until then

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