Crystal engraving

Hi everyone, lately I have been try to engrave glass and love it, does anyone know where to buy blank crystal for a good price? :slight_smile: Thanks!

“Blank crystal” is pretty broad. What kind of thing are you trying to make?

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What ever you use it cannot be over 2"high as that is as much as a Glowforge can do, there are other lasers designed for engraving large round things but Glowforge is not one of them,

Hi, the things that I mean crystal or acrylic plaques…

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Something like this…

Or trophy…

JDS Industries or Johnson Plastics Plus


Regal Plastics

Sooo not to seem snarky but this is exactly what google is for?

There are so many options both local and online…

You can cut your own blanks and bases too, out of 1/2" clear acrylic. Lots of fun ahead for you.

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Could be a bit of a fire danger but the plaque doesn’t need to be simple like that but can be relief carved from the front or bac. This is wood but could be acrylic.


that is gorgeous


Thanks everyone!! What settings I need to use for cutting 0,5 in acrylic?

1/2" acrylic will be very tough to cut.

Ok, thanks!!

Pardon me, I mistyped! 1/4" will be much easier to cut and still satisfyingly thick.

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