I just wanted to try something from the design catalog. I couldn’t think of anything to engrave on them so for some random reason I just Googled “Cthulhu SVG”. Gave me an opportunity to play with some variations and fight with Affinity Designer vs. Glowforge’s SVG importer for a while as well, so hopefully I’ll be better prepared when I want to make something for reals.


They look great!

The best part continues to be that I didn’t do anything to make them look great. There was a little difficulty on the software end getting all the curves merged into a compound path so I could do that inverse effect, but once it was sent to the laser… it just comes out. I’m loving this. Last time I used a laser cutter it was so much trial and error, multiple passes, endless tweaking of speeds and power, and eventually learning to live with mostly good enough. This is night and day!


They do look great! Not to nitpick, but it looks like you’re missing a couple of spots on the 2 coasters on the right - did they not print the same as the left coaster?


Good catch! I’ll have to check the file tonight and see if that’s an editing error or a rendering error. I probably could have saved a lot of trouble by saving as a bitmap. I spent a ton of time combining, subtracting, and converting paths and getting a result that looked ok on the screen but didn’t render correctly in the Glowforge app. It was late and I was tired.


time for a real world alignment test? :rofl:

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Nice job! :slightly_smiling_face:

Only if Glowforge updates the software to be able to un-laser things.


Now THAT would be a serious selling point!


This would make an awesome inlay design. Great job.

Glad you were able to focus on the cool stuff, instead of endlessly tweaking the settings! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next - keep us posted!