Cub Scout space camp

My wife’s in charge of a Cub scout day camp this weekend and wanted a neckerchief slide to commemorate the event. Made 50 of these. Didn’t come out too bad!


I am sure they are going to be a big hit and that anyone that didn’t get one will be jealous. :grin:


Nice job. :sunglasses:


What a great idea, and nicely executed!

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This was really nice of you, they’ll love them!

How did you make the slide part on the back?

I used the one that someone invented here. I couldn’t find the original post, but this is what I used. I slight variation on the original. I needed the oval to be a bit bigger. And for this application, I had to sand off the pointed ends because it was too wide. Sorry I can’t give props to the inventor!


So, is slide ring just one layer thick, then, or did you do multiple and stack them? Did you just glue them on? Epoxy? How did they hold up?

Sorry, I know this is a lot of questions, but I have ideas for similar projects, and want to know what works.

I just used 1/4" mdf and attached with wood glue. I lightly sanded the glue side of the ring so that it would adhere better. Haven’t had any problems.

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