Cub Scouts / Scouts BSA Volunteer Recognition Plaque

We do a lot of things with Scouts BSA and Cub Scout and (as some of you probably know) getting people to volunteer to do things is hard! So we made a plaque to recognize and thank our volunteers that help our youth in both Cub Scouts and Scouts BSA.

Feel free to use this file any way you wish. We lasered onto a cheap blank from Hobby Lobby (like $1.12 cheap). It was difficult to align so you may have more success placing a border around this and cutting it out from some proofgrade materials.

There are two different paragraphs included - one for Pack/Cub Scout recognition and another for Troop/Scouts BSA recognition. We used the official term of “youth” instead of “boys” and “girls”. We also used the official Scouts BSA font (Roboto Slab) - More on logo usage and fonts here: and here: BSA Digital Design System | Zeplin Scene

This is designed so that someone should be able to pretty easily swap out the name, position, pack/troop, and date - they’re all in Roboto Slab.

The Scouts BSA and Cubs Scout logos have been rebuilt by me so that they work well with the Glowforge - they’re 100% vectors - so you can choose to engrave part at 50 power and another part at 90 power to get some contrast. Or you can score the design to get it done quicker.

If you make improvements, please post into this thread. Enjoy!


Here was our first shot. A light cedar stain made it pop a bit.


Very nice! :grinning:

Very thoughtful and a great share, thanks!

Great work

Glad there is a Glowforge in Columbia. There were no markers on the Glowforge map for CoMo and JC and I thought that this is an untapped market for sure. I’m at the Lake.

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Go MO forgers!

Thanks for the share.


My cubmaster (doesn’t have his own gf) sent me a link to this. Very impressive.
I have also remade both of those logos in a good Glowforge vector, but mine is not two-tone. I love it.
Thank you. I will probably be using this for my own pack and troop.
Fantastic share!
Much of my work is for Scouts… If you ever need a vector for NYLT, wood badge, any cub rank, some Scouts BSA ranks, or Nova, I will be happy to share.

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I have a great Baden Powell too

OMG - scouts was one of the primary applications I planned for my GF! could you share all your cub scouts rank emblems?

Another reason I wish GF had been around back when I was a scout leader.

I made an award for our cubmaster last year, and had the kids write the scout law words and I scanned the best ones for each word and engraved that onto the award, so it had kid handwriting on it. Turned out great.


It would be neat to have a glowforge map to see the reach.