Cubio laser


Rather than resurrect last year’s thread on the Cubio (it’s closed so I couldn’t if I wanted :slightly_smiling_face:) here’s a new one.

There was a lot of discussion that it was likely a scam, etc. But looks like it’s real enough.


Hmmm…it is intriguing, I like the idea of being mobile with it. Hmmm…


I always thought it was real; albeit unsafe. I think the concern the last time was where this was popping up at ridiculously low prices on scam websites.

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It seems like the box is required now, which is much better. Before, it was just on this tripod thingy, which was not great for multiple reasons.


I canceled my order at the time because I figured I was wasting money, if I was going to have a GF that was so much better on so many levels, I didn’t need the stunt feature of “engrave on any surface”.


I think it would be a good demonstration machine or for the folks who turn pens to personalize them at craft shows/fairs.

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That machine is somewhat terrifying, however it accepts g-code… :thinking:

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You can also build your own it seems

The cubio, by way of the video is interesting, although it does seem t have its quirks, too. The circles are definitely off.

Why is being able to accept GCODE important? Just another way to control the movemnts? Easier to program?

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Lots of programs able to spit out G-Code (like Fusion or Sheetcam for instance) and it’s something of a standard.


As @jamesdhatch said, its a standard for CNC machines and there are a lot of well-known companies out there that build amazing software that can emit g-code (VCarve, Fusion360, etc)

One of the big benefits of generating g-code from CAM software is the ability to see the tool paths and tweak them before running the program. Which can be very handy when you need to make many copies of the same item since you have the ability to fine-tune the paths and generally reduce run time.

You can also save the g-code and run the program whenever you want without ever needing to worry about how it will turn out which is also nice.